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Roles at a:gender

There are many roles at a:gender. If you want to volunteer, get in touch!

Regional Rep

We welcome applications from both trans and intersex members and allies, particularly those people with lived experience of trans and intersex issues, e.g. the parents/carers/guardians of trans and intersex young people. You should outline any relevant experience in the application form (you may want your manager to sign the form before you complete this section for confidentiality purposes).


The RR role is a minimum 12-month commitment. After this time the role will continue on a rolling month-by-month basis, i.e. you are welcome to continue in role for as long as you like after the initial
12 months with a month’s notice if you’d like to step down.
Your role may be terminated at any time at the decision of the Chair or Executive Committee.


The role is 0.05FTE (half a day per fortnight for anyone who is full time) on a flexible basis.


Your role may include the following:

  • Producing, or helping to produce occasional items for our newsletter

  • Helping us with events,

  • Attending an annual meeting with the Executive Committee,

  • Raising the profile of the network in your region, e.g. by distributing our publicity material or liaising with local LGBTI+ networks,

  • Signposting help and support to members in your region,

  • Providing a friendly ear (but not counselling) for any member who wants to talk, and

  • Escalating regional comments and concerns to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee will provide you with help, support and advice to fulfil the requirements of the role. The role will allow you to formulate a business objective for your annual performance review.


You may be asked to travel, during working hours, in order to fulfil this role. By applying, you are confirming that you can undertake occasional travel. Travel will usually be in your region, but you may be asked to travel slightly further afield on occasion; you may decline travel for any reason.
You will be expected to make your own arrangements for travel through your workplace.  In the event that your workplace agree time to fulfil an activity but refuse to cover the cost of travel, a:gender will consider covering the cost. Where a:gender agrees to cover the cost of your travel, your travel arrangements will be made by a:gender, taking into account any reasonable adjustments.

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