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Membership is free and open to all Civil Service staff and contractors. You can join as:

  • a full member, or

  • an ally or friend.

Full members are people who identify as transgender or intersex, where these words are used in the widest possible sense. You are welcome to join us as a full member, even if you use another word or phrase to better describe yourself.

Allies are friends, relatives and colleagues who support our aims and objectives. Our allies stand up for trans and intersex people within the workplace, support our full members and spread the word about a:gender. Together we can remove barriers and become agents for positive change.

Note that some of the events we organise may be for full members only. Read more about the ways we support our members.

By signing up you consent to our Privacy Notice, to abide by our member guidelines, and to be added to our membership emailing list. 


Please provide your Civil Service work email address, we cannot accept personal email addresses for membership. 


You can withdraw your membership at any time by contacting a:gender.

Membership Form

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Full Member: Any staff member who is trans or intersex, where trans and intersex are defined in the widest sense.

Ally/Friend: Any staff member who wishes to support or help deliver the aims and objectives of a:gender.

By clicking 'Submit' you consent to

our Privacy Notice and receiving

email updates from a:gender.

Thank you for your submission!

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