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How to Make a Difference

If you care about equality and respect, and are willing to support and promote a:gender, you’re an ally. 


Our allies stand up for trans and intersex people within the workplace, and play an important role in building the confidence of a:gender members.


Together we can remove barriers and become agents for positive change. Our core values to help raise awareness and develop mutual confidence and understanding are:

  • Listen: please, hear our stories and respect our lives

  • Learn: understand the diversity of trans identities and intersex variations

  • Speak: we need you as an ally to help challenge transphobia

What you can do

Here are some of the ways our allies help us: 

  • Spread the word about a:gender

  • Promote our events 

  • Represent a:gender at events 

  • Suggest that a:gender runs an awareness session for your department

  • Write a blog post 

  • Display and distribute stickers, coasters, lanyards and contact cards at your workplace

Everyday support

The small things you do and say in the workplace can make a big difference.


Be yourself


When you meet someone who is trans or intersex, accept them whether it seems to make sense to you or not. A good ally knows there are countless ways for us to express who we are, and everyone’s gender expression is valid.


Don't worry

If you’re not sure how to address someone, or you make a mistake with pronouns, simply apologise and ask what they prefer. Having a conversation helps people feel they can be themselves.


Take action

Share with your colleagues and workforce why trans and intersex equality is important. Your Diversity & Inclusion Team can help you share a:gender’s vision.


Stand up

Challenge transphobic ‘banter’ among colleagues. Encourage diversity questions to be raised and discussed in a safe space.


Ask for help

Don’t feel isolated. Ask our regional reps, or a member of the executive committee, for information and advice.


Ally membership

Download the membership form from the Join Us page to join us as an ally member.

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